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PreSonus 16.02 Overview


BK Trooper signing in once again.  I purchased the PreSonus 16.02 in December of 2012.  This is the smallest and newest model of the PreSonus brand.  They also have larger 24 and 32 channel mixers.  So if you need more than 16 inputs get the larger mixers.  


The PreSonus is the best purchase I made so far and I could not be any happier.  This mixer is compact, powerful and simply amazing.  This mixer makes my life so much easier. Traveling with the PreSonus to gigs is effortless.  Plus you do not have to carry around racks of effects, processors, limiters and other equipment. You don’t even need to purchase them. See PreSonus was ahead of the game when they launched this mixer, because it comes with EQ’s, effects, limiters and gates on every channel. 


 Most fire wire mixers come with 8 inputs.  This is a 16-channel mixer with 12 microphone inputs. 8 mono inputs, 8 stereo inputs, it’s outstanding.  Also 50 preset on each effect, auxiliary 1 and 2 for busing. 2 Fire wire connections to your computer so there is no latency during recording, listening from the playback straight from the mixer.  So you can now go in your digital audio workstation (DAW), and change it from 32 bit to 64 bit, awesome.  It also comes with software’s Capture and Studio One.  Capture is a 2-click process to record your live shows, then go home and mix it later, which is great.  On top of that Studio One has Melodyne integration for pitch correction. PreSonus is all about making your workflow efficient and I am becoming sold on most of their products.


The PreSonus is really made for live shows, but is also very good for home studio recordings.  When you do shows, all you need is a microphone, laptop and some speakers and you’re good to go.  Don’t have your back up singers, fine just load up your backing tracks, lovely.  With nice soft touch buttons that light up and 60 mm faders, this sleek blue mixer is easy to fall in love with.  You can’t find a mixer at this price with this many features.  Some of the most expensive mixers will not give you all of the features you get with this mixer. It is currently going for $1,299.00, but if you go to Guitar Center and give them your email address after making a purchase, they will send you coupons online that will bring down the price. The best time to purchase your PreSonus is around a holiday weekend with your online coupon. I got mines for $999.99 after using the coupon in addition to the holiday sale.


When I purchased it I was intimidated buy the front panel.  I thought it was going to be a long learning curve, but actually it was not.  The only negative I have is you cannot side chain the 16.02 and there is no sub- grouping or no inserts.  BK Trooper signing out.







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