AP Loungecast Episode 31: Producers Union

BK Trooper and Mo are back in the house!  In this episode, they weigh in on the discussion of a producers union, talk current events and feature some new indie music.  For more info about the music and artists aired in today’s show visit the links below.

Artist Name: Rytious
Song Title: Hou Jou Bek
Produced By: Rytious
Twitter: Rytious
Facebook: Rytious1
Contact Number: +27788030442

Artist Name: Mechie Deuce
Song Title: Hop Out featuring T.O.
SoundCloud: mechiedeuce

Group Name: Substance Abuse
Song Title: Paper Tigers featuring Myka 9 and Percee P
Website: www.substanceabusehiphop.com
Twitter: subzandesotre
You Tube: substanceabusemusic
Instagram: substanceabusehiphop

Artist Name: Styne
Song Title: OTB (On The Block)
Soundcloud: IAm_Styne
Twitter: IAm_Styne
Facebook: STYNE618

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