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Home Studio Set Up

Home Studio Recording Equipment Basics

Starting your own home studio can be challenging and very costly. That’s why budgeting is essential. Once you figure out your budget, you know what you can afford before you even think about stepping into a Guitar Center or other music store in your area. Let’s face it, if you love music like I do, going into Guitar Center is like sending a kid into a candy store. You want it all but, you can’t buy it all. You have to figure out what key items are required to build your home studio. So I have come up with several key items for first timers to help them through the process.

Key Item #1 PC or Mac (preferred) Desktop or Laptop
Mac is the preferred computer for studio recording and music production. If this is not an affordable option for you, PC will get the job done as well.

Key Item # Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc.

Key Item #3 Audio Interface
MBOX is the most popular brand audio interface and they offer affordable options.

Key Item #4 Microphone with Stand
Condenser microphone with a pop filter is recommended for good quality recordings.

Key Item #5 Speakers
Rokit Pro Speakers

Key Item #6 Track Board/Recorder
Check out options based on your budget.

Key Item #7 Recording Booth/Area
You can build a booth or soundproof your closet or room.

Depending on your unique requirements, you may need to drop or add items on this list. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or comment.

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